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...on top of making and maintaining my page and my fiance's band page I also agreed to do most of the work on my fiance's personal page - Draaken. All pages are unfortunately in dire need of updating, which I am currently busting my ass to get done.
However, I am always looking for feedback/input on the layouts, content or anything really. Mostly I'm looking for input on my page because it's the only one I have complete control over [people are so willing to criticize but refuse to but in any effort, then bitch about it not being good enough.*shakes fist* grr], and Draaken's page seeing how everything up right now was done by me. I made the enter pics on Draaken's page last night [more like 6 hours ago] so I haven't really had time to decide if it sucks or not yet.
So now that I've rambled on and forgot what I was actually going to say I'll shut up now and let you all go and take a look around my pages :) heh.
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